After finishing my first year in Cambridge, I feel like going to college has changed my life in a meaningful way. My first few months were difficult: being alone and away from home, trying to make new friends, all this while trying to keep on top with all of my courses made me really tired and I wanted to go home. However, two more terms have passed since then and now, while being on holiday, I can’t wait to go back to Cambridge. I have made amazing friends that come from all over the world and we all put away our differences and try to understand one another. Also, you get the feeling of being challenged every single day, while also being encouraged to
ask for help in order to understand everything you are taught.


I can’t wait to go back to Cambridge.

In my first year I have had 8 courses, 4 of pure maths and 4 of applied maths. As an East-European student, I was familiar with most of the pure courses, but I have still learnt a lot of new things. The applied courses were studying concepts that were pretty new to me, but they were studied for the last two years in English schools. This is meant to give you a broader view of mathematics in order to be able to choose your courses in the second and third year. One of the most important things that Cambridge provides for you are supervisions. For every course you choose to take, you have an example sheet every two weeks and you meet with a supervisor
with whom you go through the problems and he’d answer anything that you have not understood in the course.

Remember tonever give up

Regarding extracurricular activities, you can get involved into societies or sports teams. I play for Churchill College Football Team and I plan to join the Rowing Team. Also, there are lots of ways to spend your free time in the college. We have a table tennis table, fussbal table, PlayStation room, squash and tennis courts and also a gym, all of which are free of charge.
People are encouraged to join societies or sports team both as recreational activities and as a way to make new friends.

I encourage everyone to go to college, as it will help you improve both academically and personally. I believe it is important to get out of your comfort zone and try to improve everyday in order to achieve your goals. Even if you are not sure what you want to do after college, studying something you are passionate about will most likely help you discover new areas you are interested in. For anyone wanting to go to college abroad, i recommend Cambridge as it is one of the best Universities in the world, it is very student friendly and you will surely get lots of opportunities after you finish college.