First impressions.

It is my first day at King’s and I enter the first ever introductory session, alongside an incredibly
high number of people with diverse native languages and cultural backgrounds. I am sitting
there listening to a guy chatting about the Computer Science degree and I keep wondering
when he is going to get to the others. He finally stops talking, greeting all the Computer
Science freshers, and I realise the 300 people sitting around me were all going to be my course
mates. I then understood the cultural diversity I have the chance to be surrounded by.
After attending multiple lectures, especially an Introduction to AI course, I understood that is
not necessarily the content of the lectures that counts but more so your interpretation and
understanding of it. The later can be easily influenced by coursework material and discussions
with teacher assistants and lecturers. The teacher assistants may be a part that King’s still needs
to polish, although they are doing a pretty good job.

Work hard for your dreams and one day they will come true.

Nicolae Maria

A perfect fit.

Regarding extracurricular activities, there are societies for any activity imaginable, and if you
really don’t find one that fits you, feel free to form your own. I got involved in the Robotics one
and it was pretty fun. By doing this you have access to lots of cool tools, you make lots of
friends pretty fast and get to learn other people what you master.
First year of a CS degree may seem easy, especially if you have a strong maths background.
However, I think this gives you time to accommodate, figure out what you want to do and why,
and maybe find a company that you would like to work along (with). I was pretty lucky to find a
part-time job with Satalia, as I got to learn a lot of Machine Learning and practice it.
Second year, on the contrary, may feel more challenging, if you aim to have good grades and
work at the same time, but nothing is impossible if you have the necessary determination.

My advice for you

If your are unsure about going to college in the first place, but don’t have another good plan
you want to follow, I think you should still go to college. Learning more, improving yourself, is
the best investment you can ever make. And again, if you don’t yet know what you want to do
with your life, college gives you more time to think. I may be biased, but I think London is one
of the best cities to develop yourself, especially if you are interested in the European Startup
ecosystem and connecting with smart people.
I guess there are lots of things that might interest you and I did not cover. If so, I am sure you
can find a way to contact me. 🙂